Whether you are part of a civic group, church, company, or school, hosting a food or supply drive or collection is one of the most impactful ways you can provide for our community’s most vulnerable members. Drives and Collections don’t just provide much needed items for our community, they also…

  • Educate students, employees, and customers on homelessness, hunger, and the importance of giving back to our community.
  • Unify your group around an impactful, common goal.
  • Empower your group to take action to change a life and our community for the better.

You can begin hosting a drive in three easy steps!

  1. View our Wish List or Urgent Needs List.
  2. Pick a date and type of donation drive that works for your group.
  3. Fill out the form below or contact us with all the details.
  4. The mission will help you manage the logistics, including making flyers, posters and organizing box drop off and pick up when needed.

Contact Jarid Brown via email or call 217-544-4011. To get started today.

p.s. Scheduling a group presentation to talk about of your groups gifts are a great way to make your drive a success.