Washington Street Mission works relentlessly to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our community.

Every day, the Mission serves up to 200 people. Everyone who walks through our doors is welcomed and offered safe shelter from the elements, a warm cup of coffee and food. When a person visits for the first time, a member of our staff welcomes them, provides information on our services, and begins the process of building trust.

Every day, we provide services to meet the basic needs of our clients. We provide food, clothing, showers, laundry services, and a connection to local resources. Most importantly, we build trust and respect with our community members so we can help them move forward.

The Mission is a place where lives are transformed. Through a holistic approach built upon acceptance and caring, we help our clients take the steps necessary to overcome their personal challenges. Our goal is to help every person find hope and healing through resource navigation, life-changing programs, and faith.